Group Regression

I recently had the great pleasure of doing a group Past Life Regression with the North East of England Connecting Consciousness group over the video conferencing application, Zoom.

The Connecting Consciousness Group is a grass roots organisation for people who recognise that the development on this planet is not always to the benefit of all mankind. Specifically, they recognise that current structures are not necessarily responsive to people or the planet, and they seek to solve global challenges through physical and spiritual development, education and governance.

The Connecting Consciousness group seeks to encourage and support people on their learning journey to become awakened to the world around them, to develop their understanding of who they are and their true position within the world, and thus to help humanity and all life move forward in a positive way.

Past Life regressions is an area I specialise in. It is a gentle healing technique that takes you on a hypnotic journey safely into a past lifetime that you may want to explore. When you do this you come away from the session with a much broader concept of who you are, and things often will come up that will explain the source of some of the issues and challenges in this lifetime. Regression work is a reflection on the soul’s journey. Your reflection on the past can bring meaning, understanding, and insight to the present.

Past-life recall comes from long-term memory banks in your subconscious. The soul’s history is stored in the Akashic Records which you are able to contact through your unconscious mind. In these sessions you have an opportunity to gain access to your record. Lessons from the past will come to your awareness and, when you observe a pattern of behaviour, you will be able to develop a way to take corrective action.

The session was well attended with about fifty people participating. It was a great success and everyone seemed to get something from it. I thoroughly enjoyed facilitating the session and my favourite time is afterwards when everybody eagerly shared their experiences with me. Of course there were lots of questions too but I can talk about this subject nonstop. Without betraying any confidences, I can share that there were a few very interesting experiences and some people gained spiritual insights. It’s always amazing to be a witness to that “Aha” moment when people realise how a past life impacts their current life and explains things about this life and the lessons we can learn from that life to apply in this life.

While group regression can be very effective and gives a great introduction to it, the best way to explore past lives and access the Akashic Records is to do it in a one to one session with a hypnotherapist. This allows you to have a more interactive and personal session where the hypnotherapist can guide you effectively and respond to what you are experiencing. To find out more about Past Life Regression, click here

What is past life regression?

Progression through regression

What is past life regression? How does it work?

A Hypnotherapist has many techniques at their disposal to help their clients overcome problematic ailments and conditions. One of the most interesting ones, and one I specialise in, is regression. This is where the Hypnotherapist guides the client back in time to explore the root cause of a condition by finding forgotten memories stored in the subconscious mind. An example of this is a recent client who had been struggling with insomnia for many years. In his early working life he had worked at night. Using regression we were able to uncover the subconscious minds associating darkness with working rather than sleeping. Once this was discovered we were able to appeal to the subconscious to allow him to sleep at night and not prepare for work.

Interestingly, the amount of time you can go back is not limited to this life time. No one is quite sure why it works, but it does. It’s probably due to genetic memory, soul memory and reincarnation. This means our subconscious minds contain memories of other lives we have lived. It also means that these experiences and traumas can have an impact on the present day. Perhaps you are scared of dogs, even though you have always avoided them and have no real reason to fear them. Perhaps you had a bad experience with dogs in a previous life? Put simply we are a combination of all the experiences we have had over many lifetimes.

So why would I want a past life regression? Well, there can be several reasons. Firstly, if you are struggling with a problem that might be rooted in a past life this is the most effective way to resolve it. Past lives can affect many aspects of our personality, thoughts and behaviour. In some cases, past traumas can cause psychological problems or psychosomatic pain that cannot be easily resolved by conventional means.

Exploring your past lives can reveal a new understanding of your personality. This can explain why you are drawn to certain places, types of people or have a particular interest in something. This can be very rewarding and enjoyable. Frequent past life regressions mean you can start to understand your past lives in more detail, including places, names and historical periods. These can often be verified by research to provide a tremendously colourful view of your past.

One further aspect of past life regression is that groups of souls often reincarnate together. If you have ever met someone for the first time and immediately feel a connection, rapport or closeness, perhaps you have known their soul before.

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