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Sanet, Johannesburg. South Africa

I booked a session with Allison because a friend of mine recommended her to me and because I was impressed with her website. She seemed very knowledgeable about many things. She was very helpful and friendly. She took time to make sure I understood what would happen during my Hypnotherapy. Doing the session over zoom was not a problem and I feel it was very successful. I would happily recommend her to anyone.

Ian McHale. North East of England Coordinator Connecting Consciousness

As the North East of England Coordinator for the organisation Connecting Consciousness - which has over 75,000 members worldwide, I can only give my wholehearted recommendation and thanks to Allison who performed a Hypnotic Group Regression for  50 NE members on Zoom on Friday 9th April 2021.

Melanie, Teeside. UK

I booked a session with Allison Biel because she came highly recommended to me by one of her clients. This would be my very first Hypnotherapy session and I wanted to meet her and learn more.  I was warmly welcomed by Allison and she made me feel at ease immediately.  She take care, beforehand,  to get to get know you, focusing on detail and key issues, so she can fine tune her work to meet your needs. I found this to be very a comforting consideration before we started our session and something that proved vital in the work, she did for me.  Allison is an extremely skilled professional therapist with a warm and wonderful personality. She is friendly, reassuring and deeply knowledgeable in her work. I felt in safe hands all through the session. If you are looking to try Hypnotherapy for the first time or you have tried it and are looking for someone special, then you have found her. Allison ends the session with a follow up email to see how you doing, which I found to be such a caring and kind personal touch that is rarely offered.  If you are looking for the BEST, look no further, you have found her, here is your treasure! I feel confident and wonderful, I will be booking more sessions in the future.

Jessica, Minnesota, USA

What can I say about my beautiful Allison? As a friend, I can tell you how incredibly honoured I am to know this amazing soul. We became good friends during our Introspective Hypnosis course with Antonio Sangio and Alba Weinman. She is one of the most non-judgmental, caring, and easy to talk to people I know. She really listens and instinctively knows what to say. This is not just in our personal friendship, but as a hypnotherapist as well. I have had a few sessions with her, and she is the real deal. She is gentle but firm when dealing with attachments. And, I know that personally, because I had pain in my hips that hasn't returned, due to an attachment there. Thank you my dearest Allison. I will always come to you for a session, as we know, it's not a onetime thing.  We will always have things to work on! I recommend everyone reading this, to book a session with her. You won't regret it!!!!

Felix, West Yorkshire. UK

Allison has such a gift with hypnosis, she really takes her time with the induction, checking every step of the way to see how deep you have gone, whilst gently ushering you further into a calm, relaxing environment. She really takes her time getting to know what you would like to understand about yourself, processing the questions within herself to look at the variables and possible outcomes to know which way to go to find the answers. She carefully assists with the healing of the soul, through forgiveness, which has really helped transform my life and my own deeper understanding of how to heal myself further. The whole experience has really helped me understand my own healing pathway and also my own spiritual connection. This is why I have come back again and again. I couldn't be more grateful. Thank you Allison!

Julian. West Midlands, UK

I had suffered with insomnia for many years. I just could not easily fall asleep and would sleep very lightly. With Allison’s help I was able to explore why this was. I used to work at night and so when it gets dark my mind does not think about sleep, but about going to work instead. With her help I was able to change this. I now can fall asleep much easier and get much better sleep.

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