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Frequently Asked Questions

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation and concentration. You are not asleep or unconscious and are fully in control. However, it can allow the hypnotherapist to bypass the conscious mind and communicate directly with your subconscious. Using various techniques the hypnotherapist can explore why you do the things you want changed and suggest helpful and better ideas to overcome unwanted habits, behaviours or ailments. These include help to overcome phobias, quit smoking, lose weight or be more confident. To find out more, click here.

Does hypnosis work for everyone?

Almost everyone is able to be hypnotised. The key is that you have to want to be hypnotised. You can’t be hypnotised against you will. The outcome you want cannot be guaranteed, but if you dedicate yourself to getting the most out of each session, stay motivated and follow my suggestions, you are sure to experience some success from hypnotherapy.

Is hypnosis suitable for everyone?

Hypnotherapy is suitable for almost everybody and includes a wide range of techniques to help you. As with any profession I specialise in certain techniques and not others. You can’t be an expert at everything. So, I may feel after your initial consultation that a different hypnotherapist would be better for you to work with.

For example, the use of hypnotherapy with people who suffer or have suffered from psychotic conditions, such as schizophrenia, is a specialised area and one I do not have much experience of.


Will hypnosis change me?

Hopefully, yes, but only in ways you want. Hypnosis cannot change or effect your personality, beliefs or ethics.

Can you be hypnotised to do things against your will?

No. The Hypnotherapist is a guide or facilitator. You cannot be made to do anything against your will / your own values / accepted patterns of behaviour.  During a session you are aware of what’s happening. So, if you do not like where the hypnotherapist is guiding you, you can reject or ignore the suggestions. Hypnosis cannot make you to do anything, or think anything that is not wanted.

Will I always tell the truth or reveal personal secrets under hypnosis?

No. You can lie under hypnosis. You are in complete control of what you reveal or conceal.

Will I lose control when under hypnosis?

This misconception stems from its use as entertainment or misleading portrayals in TV and film. Regardless of how deeply you may go in hypnosis, you remain in full control. You are fully able to talk and move.  You cannot be made to do anything against your ethical / moral judgement / religious beliefs.

Is Hypnosis Safe?

Hypnosis is a non-intrusive talking therapy where you remain in control. There are many myths and misconceptions around hypnosis. People under hypnosis don’t act against their will, morals, ethics or reveal private information. These are all myths stemming from misleading portrayals in the media and are not real.

You may not be aware that you actually undergo hypnosis almost every day. The trance-like feelings you experience when reading a book, watching TV, or daydreaming are all (self) hypnotic states.

What if you can’t wake me up?

There are many myths and misconceptions about hypnosis and this is yet another. Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation and so you are always in control and can stop the session anytime you want. Some people may fall asleep while undergoing hypnotherapy, but this a normal and natural sleep from which you can easily be awoken.

Will I remember anything?

Most people are able to remember some or all of the session. I will make an audio or video of your session, typically by Zoom, and send it to you. This recording will help you process the session and allow you to digest its meaning fully.

Is Hypnosis effective?

Yes, very much so. Since we work directly with the subconscious, hypnotherapy can often be much more effective, and produce much quicker results, than other talking therapies. A Comparison study published in American Health Magazine shows the following:

Psychoanalysis – 38% recovery after 600 sessions.

Behaviour Therapy – 72% recovery after 22 sessions.

Hypnotherapy – 93% recovery after 6 sessions

How many sessions will I need?

Once I have done my initial consultation with you and spoken about how Hypnotherapy can help, I will set out a plan and let you know how many session I recommend. A great deal of progress can usually be made in one session. Why not contact me now to get things started. 

What Is a Past Life Regression?

As a Hypnotherapist, I have a range of techniques and methods I can use.  One of the most powerful ones, and one I specialise in, is regression. This is where I guide you back in time to explore the root cause of a condition by unearthing forgotten memories stored in your subconscious. One really powerful aspect of this technique is that the amount of time you can go back is not limited to this life time. This is probably due to genetic memory, soul memory and reincarnation but our subconscious minds contain memories of the other lives we have lived.

A Past Life Regression consists of you being regressed and guided through a past life. Which past life you experience is chosen by your higher self or consciousness and is usually the most beneficial experience for you at the time.  

To find out more about Past Life Regression click here