Paladin Hypnotherapy


Group Past Life Regression.

Hypnotherapy is traditionally carried out in a one to one format. However, I have developed a format for doing Past Life Regression for groups over video conferencing. Groups can range from a few people to several dozen. I have, for example, done a group past life regression to about 50 people over video conferencing. 

Connected Consciousness

I have been asked to organise a group for Connected Consciousness and this is where you can register your interest in the event. 

To take part you will need to pay £5 via Paypal. However, should you decide to use any other of my services, for example to have a personal Past Life Regression session, I will give you a £15 discount. 

How to register. 

It’s simple. Fill in the contact form on this page. You will receive details of how to pay by email in return. Once you have paid, I will email you the zoom (video conferencing) details.