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Cameron Macaulay

Cameron Macaulay was born in August 2000 in Glasgow, Scotland. Despite living there his entire life at the age of two he started to describe a white house that overlooked the beach on the Scottish island of Barra. Barra is a remote island in the Outer Hebrides some 200 miles from Glasgow.

This white house, he claimed, was his home is a past life. It was close to a beach that airplanes would often use as a landing strip. And, indeed, the airport at Barra is one of the most unusual in the world, with flights landing on the beach at Cockle Strand at low tide. He would also speak about a little black and white dog that lived with him and who he missed.  A further detail he recounted was that the house had three toilets which he found quite odd.

Over time Cameron revealed more details about his previous life on Barra. He said his father’s name was Shane Robertson who was killed when a car ran over him. He also spoke about his former brothers and sisters, but this would sometime upset him. He said he wished his mother would come and see him.

He had no memories of adulthood or dying and apparently only remember being a boy a little older than himself. However, he did recall that he ‘fell through’ a hole somehow connected to the white house and came into his mother’s ‘tummy’. He said, “I was in Barra and now I’m here”.

Cameron’s parents contacted Dr Jim Tucker of the Division of Perceptual Studies (DOPS). The story was also picked up by a film company who wanted to film a documentary about Cameron and his story. So, in 2006, Tucker investigated the case of Cameron Macaulay as part of the (UK) Channel 5 Documentary called ‘Extraordinary People: The Boy Who Lived Before’.

Tucker’s investigation took him firstly to Glasgow to interview the then six-year-old and his mother, Norma. He then agreed to accompany Cameron and his family to the island to see if this house existed. Once there, Cameron was able to recognise many different areas of the island. However, locating the house proved challenging. But with the help of a local historian they were able to find reference to the Robertson family and their house at the north end of the island.

Upon their arrival at the house, Cameron immediately recognised the gate at the front. He walked through the house pointing out all the rooms in the house including the three toilets. Further research managed to discover Gillian Robertson who had lived in the house in the past. She confirmed that a black and white Border Collie dog lived with them.  However, Gillian did not recall a Shane Robertson or any deaths in her family during that time.

In addition to the work of Jim Tucker and DOPS, the Society for Psychical Research have a detailed account of Cameron Macaulay on their Psi Encyclopaedia website.

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