PayPal Free Credit

Did you know that PayPal offer free four month loans?

A friend of mine recently made me aware of something that PayPal offer that is really useful. They offer four month free credit on purchases over £99. Now, you need to think very seriously before taking on debt. You need to be sure you can keep up with the repayments and pay off the debt. But, if you were thinking of booking a session with me and are finding the money a problem, then this is a solution.

The agreement is between you and PayPal and I am not involved with it at all. I will not see your payment details and PayPal will not share any of your personal information with me. Also, I have no connection with PayPal, other than having a PayPal account to take payments. I do not receive any form of inducement or commission if you use this way to pay. I just thought it was a very useful way to get short term, free, credit.

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Group Regression

I recently had the great pleasure of doing a group Past Life Regression with the North East of England Connecting Consciousness group over the video conferencing application, Zoom.

The Connecting Consciousness Group is a grass roots organisation for people who recognise that the development on this planet is not always to the benefit of all mankind. Specifically, they recognise that current structures are not necessarily responsive to people or the planet, and they seek to solve global challenges through physical and spiritual development, education and governance.

The Connecting Consciousness group seeks to encourage and support people on their learning journey to become awakened to the world around them, to develop their understanding of who they are and their true position within the world, and thus to help humanity and all life move forward in a positive way.

Past Life regressions is an area I specialise in. It is a gentle healing technique that takes you on a hypnotic journey safely into a past lifetime that you may want to explore. When you do this you come away from the session with a much broader concept of who you are, and things often will come up that will explain the source of some of the issues and challenges in this lifetime. Regression work is a reflection on the soul’s journey. Your reflection on the past can bring meaning, understanding, and insight to the present.

Past-life recall comes from long-term memory banks in your subconscious. The soul’s history is stored in the Akashic Records which you are able to contact through your unconscious mind. In these sessions you have an opportunity to gain access to your record. Lessons from the past will come to your awareness and, when you observe a pattern of behaviour, you will be able to develop a way to take corrective action.

The session was well attended with about fifty people participating. It was a great success and everyone seemed to get something from it. I thoroughly enjoyed facilitating the session and my favourite time is afterwards when everybody eagerly shared their experiences with me. Of course there were lots of questions too but I can talk about this subject nonstop. Without betraying any confidences, I can share that there were a few very interesting experiences and some people gained spiritual insights. It’s always amazing to be a witness to that “Aha” moment when people realise how a past life impacts their current life and explains things about this life and the lessons we can learn from that life to apply in this life.

While group regression can be very effective and gives a great introduction to it, the best way to explore past lives and access the Akashic Records is to do it in a one to one session with a hypnotherapist. This allows you to have a more interactive and personal session where the hypnotherapist can guide you effectively and respond to what you are experiencing. To find out more about Past Life Regression, click here


Social Media

Just a quick note to let you know that I have set up a Facebook page for Paladin Hypnotherapy. Please follow me there. I will be using it to post information and updates as well as content such as videos and audio files. I am also planning a You Tube channel and gathering content for that. If you have any ideas as to what you would like to see then get in touch here or on Facebook. I would love to hear from you.


Could it be true?

Is Lockdown really coming to an end? What do we do now?

After more than a year of lockdown, fear of catching Covid19 and the rising death toll it does seem we have turned a corner. My partner  recently had his first vaccination and I feel things do seem brighter. The end does now seem to be in sight, but there is still some way to go. Perhaps, we can all start to think about how we will celebrate “getting back to normal”. It does occur to me as I write this in early April 2021 that this blog post may not age well if things go wrong from here, but this how things look to me now.

So, what is getting back to normal? We have all led different lives in the last year and have new routines. After lockdown I, for one, will have less free time and I will have to organise myself much better. I will have to think seriously about what activities I will continue with and which ones to discards. A year is more than enough time to develop new habits and even addictions. Perhaps you are not very active anymore or are drinking more alcohol than before. Now, addiction is an overused word.  An addiction is a condition where you do something and cannot stop, or have strong cravings if you stop, even though it’s harmful to you. So, being addicted to EastEnders is not really an addiction unless you cannot stop watching it and it’s somehow harming you. I know it can be depressing sometimes, but harmful? Similarly, if you have developed an “addiction” to regularly exercising during lock down, firstly well done and secondly it’s not really an addiction.

I have seen in the media that the feelings associated with coming out of lockdown have been given a name. The most common one seems to be re-entry syndrome. Going back to doing something you may not have done for a year or more will feel odd, be it traveling on a bus or train, being in the office or hanging out with friends and family again. This is normal and nothing to worry about – you will quickly adjust. But, it you are struggling to shed now unwanted habits or returning to how things were before, then help is at hand.

Some long ingrained habits that worked for you during lockdown, may not work well when you are not locked down. And these can be difficult to change. Lack of time or feeling outside your comfort zone can be stressful. Any major change in your life, not least society as a whole, can make you anxious and worry about the future. Hypnotherapy can help with addictions, unwanted habits, stress and anxiety. From mindfulness, to relaxation to hypnotherapy there are a range of techniques that can help. If you need assistant then ask. There is no need to struggle alone. Click here to find out how I can help. 


Stress, what is it good for?

April is stress awareness month. Are you stressed?

We all feel stressed from time to time. Perhaps when we are busy or something unexpected happens. Stress is a state of physiological disturbance to your normal well-being, occurring due to environmental (external) factors. One way to look at stress is when the demands on you are greater than the personal resources you have. Perhaps, not enough time, information or money. Typical signs of stress include increased blood pressure, insomnia and irritability.

Some stress is not necessarily a bad thing and triggers responses in us to help deal with the situation we are in. When we are stressed, we release stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol which prepares the body for physical action – fight or flight. This reaction also causes physical changes such as blood supply being diverted to certain muscle groups and shutting down some secondary bodily functions such as digestion. These hormones provide us with a boost of energy to help us fight the danger or run away. This response is probably of more use to a caveman confronted with a dangerous animal, but it also has a place in the modern world. This response will be triggered by any stressful situation.

But, long term, unresolved, stress is not healthy and can have damaging effects on the body.  Raised cortisol levels can caused increase in blood sugar and blood pressure levels as well as a decrease in libido. Ultimately, if left untreated or unresolved, it can result in breakdown or even suicide. The problem comes when your body goes into a state of stress when it’s not appropriate or when this response is unnecessary. If you are stressed by a tight deadline, being ready to run or fight is not helpful. Also when blood flow is diverted to the most important muscles needed to fight or flee, brain function is impaired. This mean you can’t ‘think straight’ and this leads to poor decision making. A state that is not ideal in either our work or home lives.

Everyone experiences stress in different ways. For some it might be headaches or an eczema flare up. For others perhaps a change in personality such as being short tempered or impatient. Stress can also affect the immune system making us more likely to become ill.

Some stress is unavoidable, but managing it is the key. It critical that we recognise when we have too much demanded of us. Then we can take action to prevent ourselves from becoming overwhelmed – say ‘no’, delegate, prioritise or ask for help.

Hypnotherapy can help is a range of techniques including relaxation, mindfulness, boosting self-esteem and positive affirmation. These will help you to develop effective coping strategies for when you are stressed and ensure you remain focused and effective to resolve the stressful situation.

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