Patrick Christenson

Patrick Christenson was born in Michigan in 1991. His mother immediately felt that he was connected to her first son, Kevin, who had died of cancer, aged two, in 1979. Over time she came to notice that Patrick displayed three defects that matched those of her other son when he died.

Her first son began to limp when he was eighteen months old. One day, he fell and broke his left leg. This led to a medical examination that included a biopsy of a nodule on his scalp above his right ear. He was then diagnosed with stage four cancer which had spread significantly. A bone scan showed many abnormalities and his left eye was protruding and bruised due to a tumour.

He started chemotherapy through an intravenous catheter in the right side of his neck.  This was outpatient treatment but he returned to the hospital five months later. He appeared blind in his left eye and had a fever. He was prescribed antibiotics and was discharged from hospital. Sadly, he died two days later, just three weeks after his second birthday.

Kevin’s parents separated before his death and his mother remarried. She had given birth to a daughter and son before Patrick was born. At birth, he had a slanted birthmark with the appearance of a small cut on the right side of his neck, the same location of Kevin’s intravenous line, a nodule on his scalp above his right ear as Kevin’s biopsied tumour had been, and an opacity in his left eye. This was diagnosed as a Corneal Leukoma that caused him, like Kevin, to have poor vision in that eye. When he began walking, he limped, favouring his left leg.

Later, when Patrick was four-and-a-half years old, he began telling his mother things that seemed to relate to Kevin’s life. He talked about wanting to go back to their previous home and told his mother that he had left her there. He said that the home was orange and brown, which was correct. He asked his mother if she remembered him having surgery, and when she replied that he had not had any surgery, he said that he had and pointed to the area above his right ear where Kevin had his nodule biopsied. He also said that he did not remember the actual surgery because he was asleep when it was done. At another time, Patrick saw a picture of Kevin, whose pictures were not normally displayed in the family’s home, and said that the picture was of him.

Concerned by these statements, his mother contacted Carol Bowman, an author who has written several books about children who talk about previous lives. Carol offering guidance on how to deal with the past-life issues and eventually referred the case for investigation by Jim Tucker, along with Ian Stevenson from the Division of Perceptual Studies (DOPS) of the University of Virginia’s School of Medicine.

Their investigation included documenting Patrick’s birthmarks.  as well as his eye condition and apparent limp. They also observed the opacity in Patrick’s left eye and obtained copies of the eye exams he had received. They saw him walk and could see that he had a slight limp, despite having no medical condition that would explain it. They then obtained Kevin’s medical records, and they documented the history described earlier, including the lesions that did correspond to Patrick’s subsequent birthmarks.

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