Teen Self Esteem

Being a teenager is not easy. You might think it is a care free, wonderful time, but you are probably looking back through adult eyes. During teenage years you are still emotionally, physically and mentally developing. You are vulnerable to peer and social pressure. This can make it a turbulent, confusing and uncertain time. It is also a key time for the development of self-esteem. May is National Teen Self-Esteem Month

So this is a time to make an extra effort to combat the self-worth, self-image and self-esteem problems teens face. It is sponsored by a non-profit organisation called, I Am Worth More. Their mission is to connect teens to resources, build their self-esteem and increase their positive entertainment consumption.

So if you have a teen in your life, what can you do? Well, be tolerant, forgiving and offer all the love you can. Help them and support them as they try to find their way. Set them on a path to realise their full potential. Inner strength and confidence needs time to grow and develop.

Understand how self-esteem develops is critical. A man’s sense of self is often heavily influenced by their ability to achieve and succeed. To feel good about himself, they must achieve goals by themselves, as this is a symbol of efficiency, power and competence. This is often career related. Generally, men are more interested in objects and things rather than people and feelings.

A woman’s sense of self is usually defined through their feelings and their relationships. They spend a lot of time supporting, nurturing and helping each other. They experience fulfilment through sharing, supporting and relating. Communication and personal expression, in terms of appearance and feelings, is also very important. Talking, sharing and relating is how a woman feels good about herself.

So anything that you can do to help them find a healthy sense of self-worth while they’re young will build a solid foundation for the future. Remember, the teens of today are the leaders, entrepreneurs, sport people, engineers, doctors, scientists and technological visionaries of tomorrow.

Teenagers can also help themselves to establish and maintain high self-esteem. The most important thing is for them to accept themselves as they are. Perhaps they are not going to be a soccer / footballer star or a super model, but they have strengths, talents to be proud of. Also, learning to love and be loved by those around them is key. Your family and friends will love you back. Finally, eating a healthy diet and taking regular exercise will help to stave off depression and keep them healthy.

Tyra Banks said, “I don’t have the best self-esteem; mine wavers month to month, but I know how to pick myself up”. And she is a successful model, businesswoman, producer, actress, and writer.

Hypnotherapy can help with boosting confidence, improving self-image and exploring the roots of any concerns. However, Hypnotherapy in children is a specialist area and one I do not have any experience in. So I only accept clients aged 18 or over. I can refer anyone under that age to a specialist child hypnotherapist. Get in touch to find out more.