PayPal Free Credit

Did you know that PayPal offer free four month loans?

A friend of mine recently made me aware of something that PayPal offer that is really useful. They offer four month free credit on purchases over £99. Now, you need to think very seriously before taking on debt. You need to be sure you can keep up with the repayments and pay off the debt. But, if you were thinking of booking a session with me and are finding the money a problem, then this is a solution.

The agreement is between you and PayPal and I am not involved with it at all. I will not see your payment details and PayPal will not share any of your personal information with me. Also, I have no connection with PayPal, other than having a PayPal account to take payments. I do not receive any form of inducement or commission if you use this way to pay. I just thought it was a very useful way to get short term, free, credit.

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