Internet self-care day

I wrote recently about self-care and while doing so I came across an interesting special day. 21 August is Internet Self Care day and it’s all about how to using the internet to find resources that can help you take care of yourself.

Self-care is not self-indulgence or being selfish. Self-care is all about taking care of yourself so that you are well and healthy. There are six main areas of self-care – emotional, physical, social, practical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Perhaps make a plan to do something in each area to improve your life.

Taking stock of your own needs, aspirations, health, and successes is part of self-care, as is taking time to nourish and nurture ourselves. Now the internet can be seen as a negative aspect of life, but as with many tools it all depends how you use it. So use the internet to find something to boost your self-care routine. Perhaps search for a product to help pamper yourself or something related to a passion or hobby you have. Perhaps research a course you want to take – perhaps a new hobby.

Is technology or the internet a source of negativity or frustration? For example, social media can be entertaining and allows self-expression, but it can also be toxic and be confusing or misleading. So think about how the internet impacts your life and ways to improve your self-care.

Self-care is crucial to wellbeing and good self-care can help to underpin your life and make you more resilient. As Alyssa Edwards (American drag performer, choreographer, and businessperson) said, “When I take good care of myself, it lifts my spirits, boosts my confidence, and makes me feel strong. When someone tries to throw me shade, it bounces right off. I look those haters straight in the eye, keep my chin up and shoulders back. Because I know I’m a fierce queen – and they know it, too”.

So, this Internet self-care day, make the internet work for you and do something to strengthen your self-care. If you need help or advice on self-care, then contact me.

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