Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)

I have written before about Dolores Cannon – the pioneer of past life regression. This time I would like to talk about Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT). QHHT is Dolores’s own technique that uses hypnosis to achieve Quantum healing. Doing this you can visit past lives, future lives, life between lives, as well as forgotten memories from your current life.

Basically, the Hypnotherapist asks the subconscious of the client to reveal information that may be unknown to the conscious mind that will aid in healing and discovering the root cause of both mental and physical problems, illnesses and phobias.

QHHT is not based in any religion or culture. It simply allows for the conscious mind, through hypnosis, to make contact with the subconscious. As Deepak Chopra (Indian-born American author and alternative medicine advocate) said, “People need to know that they have all the tools within themselves. Self-awareness, which means awareness of their body, awareness of their mental space, awareness of their relationships – not only with each other, but with life and the ecosystem”.

In 1989 Deepak Chopra’s Quantum Healing: Exploring the Frontiers of Mind / Body Medicine was published. This was followed by Perfect Health: The Complete Mind / Body Guide in 1990. And it was in these books that Chopra coined the term “quantum healing”. Quantum healing is regarded as a form of alternative medicine. Practitioners of quantum healing believe that quantum phenomena govern health and wellbeing.

QHHT is a form of past life regression and is a powerful technique to help us to access the part of ourselves that transcends many lives. This part of ourselves, as Dolores had learned, is ever present and exists just below the surface of our conscious mind, in the subconscious. It is called The Higher Self, The Over Soul, even just the Soul. When we reincarnate we don’t remember our previous lives, the life between lives and our connection to our soul family and the Source (or God). But using these techniques we can see and experience past and even future life.

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