Brian Weiss

Doctor Brian Weiss is an American psychiatrist, hypnotherapist, and author. In 1980 Weiss had one of his patients (Catherine) begin experiencing a past life while under hypnosis. Then a devout sceptic about such things, he did not believe in reincarnation. However, his curiosity was peaked and he was able to confirm parts of Catherine’s accounts through investigating public records.

Consequently, he came to be convinced of the persistence of part of the human personality after death.  He now specialises in past life regression and has regressed thousands of people. Today, Weiss is an advocate of hypnotic regression to treat many phobias and ailments as they are often rooted in a past life.

Dolores Cannon (pioneer of past life regression) and her husband, Johnny, had a similar experience in 1968 when a client unexpectedly started to experience a past life. Cannon went on to develop her own technique for using hypnosis to heal called Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT).

It’s rare, but it does occasionally happen that, when a Hypnotherapist works with a client for some other reason, for them to experience (jump into) a past life. But most past life experiences happen when having a hypnotherapist regress you. 

Both Weiss and Cannon have spoken about communication with “super-evolved, nonphysical souls”. These function as guides and can be a source of amazing insight. A past life regression is an opportunity to ask these beings questions.

In 2013 Weiss spoke with Oprah Winfrey about his life and work and specifically about the client who changed his life and made him believe in past lives.

Most people believe in some form of reincarnation and past life regression is only a small leap from there. For example, there is Willie Nelson (American Musician) who said, “I started out really young, when I was four, five, six, writing poems, before I could play an instrument. I was writing about things when I was eight or 10 years old that I hadn’t lived long enough to experience. That’s why I also believe in reincarnation, that we were put here with ideas to pass around”.

I am an experienced practitioner of past life regression having worked with many clients. I favour a past life regression technique called Introspective Hypnosis. This combines Past Life Regression with healing and Spirit Assistance also known as Spirit Releasement. If this is something you are interested or feel you could benefit from then get in touch.

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