I wrote recently about journaling and the benefits it can bring. I wanted to revisit this to stress the deeper benefits that it can bring.

Once you are comfortable with journaling you can think about recording additional information such as major events of the day, the weather, phases of the moon, what you ate, etc. This can help you to understand the triggers and causes of some of the day to day symptoms you feel. It also provides an opportunity for positive self-talk and identifying negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Many find the process of writing a journal relaxing, but it can have other benefits too. It can help you to order and sort out recent events. Having to commit events or thoughts to a page makes you engage the rational part of your brain. This prompts you to think about and analysis those events.

Once you have done it for a while you can then use it to find the previously hidden patterns of your life and increase self-awareness. Such as what makes you happy, anxious or sad. Learning these triggers can help you manage or avoid them. As Christina Milian (US singer and songwriter) said, “The writing process is more… it becomes a case of more like a diary for me. I mean, I write stuff down all day whenever I’m experiencing something that I think would be important for me to look at later on. You know, whether it be for writing lyrics or just for a memory, like, ‘Oh, my gosh, I can’t believe I was feeling that way at that time’”.

How you do it is up to you. It can be an actual book or perhaps a document on your phone or computer. Making time to do it each day is also important. So make it part of your daily routine, perhaps last thing at night.

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