International Quality of Life Month

January is the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) International Quality of Life Month. It’s a time to think about your quality of life and that of those around you. And it comes at a good time of year for it. New Year is always a time to make changes and improve things.  There is nearly always something that you can add to (or remove from) your life to make it better or easier.

So, what can you do to improve your own quality of life? Well the first step is to think carefully about current quality of life, what is important to you and identify areas that you can change or improve. Major areas to consider include your job / occupation, mental health, physical health, home environment, financial stability and addictions such as nicotine and alcohol.

If you are employed, you will likely spend a large part of your life at work and it’s important to be happy when you are. Is your job a source of stress? Do you have all the resources and knowledge to do it properly? Do you have a friend at work to have a coffee or lunch with?

Mental health is critical, so how is your mental health? Are you stressed or anxious? Are you lonely? Do you socialise enough with others. Who is in your support network if you need to talk?

Is your physical health all it could be? Are you in pain? Could losing some weight help with pain and mobility? Would being more active help with wellbeing?

The other place you spend a lot of your life is your home and it’s paramount that it is a place of rest, security and safety. And Charles Kennedy (British Liberal Democrat politician) agrees. He said, “Quality of life actually begins at home – it’s in your street, around your community”. Is your home still suited to your needs? Do you have all the services and appliances you need? Is the neighbourhood and the neighbours friendly?

Do you have enough money to pay your bills and be comfortable? This, more than ever, is a serious problem for many in our society. Could you reduce your outgoings or increase your income somehow?

Do you have unwanted habits that reduce your quality of life and perhaps drain your resources? Would stopping or reducing the amount you drink or smoke be helpful? Could you improve your health and save some money be losing weight?

Now once you have considered all this, there may be more than one thing you want to change or improve. But I would urge you to be realistic to increase the chances of these lifestyle changes lasting for the long term. Quitting smoking, going teetotal and taking on a new part time job might be too much. So, which one thing could you do to improve your quality of life? Which one thing would make the most difference? Do that first and then tackle the others.

So, this is a time for you to commit to improving your life and the lives of those around you. Everyone deserves to be happy and the aim is to achieve happiness as best you can.

Hypnotherapy can help with break unwanted habits and routines as well as help to support good mental and physical health. So, if you think it could help you, then contact me.

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