Every Mind Matters

Recently the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK has launched a mental well-being campaign called “Every Mind Matters”. To support this they have designed a set of resource pages on the NHS website which includes expert advice and useful tips to help you to improve or maintain your mental health and wellbeing.

As I have written before there can be a lot to worry about at the moment – Covid19, food, fuel and energy uncertainty as well as Christmas looming on horizon. So, this handy resource comes at a very good time. We can all suffer from potential mental health issues at times. So when we do, seeking help should be your first thought. As Torrey DeVitto (American Actress) said, “It’s okay to talk about mental health issues. It’s okay to admit that you have anxiety. It doesn’t take away from your power. It’s totally normal”.

As well as an on-line questionnaire that allows you to define a personal plan for your mind, there is more general information. Specifically there is advice on five main areas that if you get them right will really improve your mental health. They are:

• Long-term health conditions and mental wellbeing. Physical health and mental health can be very closely related. Concerns about your physical health can quickly manifest as mental health symptoms.

• Employment and money worries. Worrying about money or unemployment can have a massive impact on your mental health. Also, poor mental health can make managing your finances more difficult or threaten your employment.

• Tips on how to sleep better. Getting the right amount of good quality sleep makes a big difference to how we feel, both mentally and physically.

• Post Covid19 anxiety about returning to normal. You may be concerned about how quickly things are returning to normal or be struggling to get back to old routines.

• Coronavirus in general. The impact of the Covid19 has been different for everyone. But there is little doubt it has been a difficult time for us all.

As Luciana Berger (British former Politician) predicted, “When the physical threat of Coronavirus subsides, as it surely will, we must address the impact to our mental health”. And the NHS is a great place to get reliable advice and information, be it the Every Mind Matters website other online NHS resources or your GP.
Alternatively, Hypnotherapy can be an effective way to help you with a wide range of conditions including anxiety. If you feel this could be for you, then contact me.

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