March is Caffeine Awareness month. Many of us need a shot of caffeine, perhaps a coffee of some sort, first thing in the morning. But caffeine is a powerful, addictive stimulant (alertness inducing chemical) that you need to be aware of and monitor your use of. So this month is a good time to take an honest look at how much you consume and perhaps reduce it. High caffeine intake can cause anxiety, insomnia and raised blood pressure.

You might be surprised about what has caffeine in it. Coffee, of course. But also tea and many soft drinks such as colas and energy drinks. Even decaffeinated coffee and tea is not entirely caffeine free. And it’s not just drinks, some food have high levels of caffeine. These include chocolate and cocoa powder. Also, some medicines such as cold and flu treatments have caffeine in them.

So if you want to reduce the amount of caffeine you consume, what can you do? If you need a pick me up, perhaps try exercise. This will get the blood flowing and boost alertness. Try drinking water instead of caffeine drinks. This will keep you hydrated, boost energy and is good for the skin.

Complete eliminating caffeine can be tough and is not normally recommended. Some symptoms of caffeine withdrawal include headaches, tiredness, difficulty concentrating, nausea and muscle pain. A gentle, gradual, reduction is always recommended.

Having just spent some time warning you about caffeine, it does have some benefits. Caffeine is thought to have certain medical uses in fighting dermatitis and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). So completely eliminating it not necessary. As with many things, it’s about striking the right balance.

It’s worth considering the approach that Anna Kendrick (US Actress) takes. She said, “I don’t usually drink caffeine so that when I need it, it actually does something”.

If you have a caffeine addiction or are struggling with other problematic routines then Hypnotherapy can help. Specifically it can help boost will power, break habits and explore the root cause of it. If you think hypnotherapy can help then contact me for more information.

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