Tru Ade

Ryan Hammons

Ryan Hammons was born in Muskogee, Oklahoma in 2005. When Ryan was five years old he started to suffer from frequent nightmares and would wake in the night screaming and crying. After nearly a year of this without any obvious explanation, Ryan confessed that he used to a different person. His parents, being Baptists, were sceptical. But over time Ryan shared more and more detail about his previous life as a man who died more than 50 year early and lived in Hollywood, California.

This person had five marriages, two sisters, took lavish trips to Europe and once danced on Broadway. He also recalled running an agency where people frequently changed their names. But what really caught his mother’s attention was that he loved ‘Tru Ade’. This was an orange soda drink that had been discontinued in the 1980s.

Intrigued, his mother, Cindy, decided to do some research into this era of Hollywood. She showed Ryan a photo from a Mae West movie and he excitedly pointed to a man in the picture and said that was him. Sadly, the man was not credited in the photo. It was at this point that Cindy contacted Dr Jim Tucker of the Division of Perceptual Studies (DOPS), a research unit of the Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences of the University of Virginia’s School of Medicine. They consulted a film archivist who discovered that the unnamed actor in the photo was Marty Martyn, who had been an extra in the film.

The next step was to speak to Marty Martyn’s remaining family. He had one biological daughter as well as five stepchildren. This revealed that many of the statement Ryan had made about Marty’s life were correct. These included his five marriages, his siblings, how many children he had and even the street he lived on. He was even correct about Marty giving his, then six year old, daughter a dog that she didn’t like. It also explained the agency he ran that changed people’s name. It was talent agency and clients would often require a stage name.

In another session with Dr Tucker, Ryan asked why God would let him die at 61 only to come back as a baby. This seemed to be a discrepancy as his death report stated he was 59. But, research into census reports confirmed he was, in fact, 61 when he died and that he had shaved a few year off for vanity.

Marty Martyn was born Morris Kolinsky in1903 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  He moved to New York and working as a dancer and appeared in a Broadway production called ‘Gay Paree’ in 1925. Later he moved to Hollywood and changed his name. He only appeared in one movie, ‘Night After Night’ (1932). Although credited, his only line appeared to have been cut from the film. Later he started a successful Hollywood talent agency.

As Dr Tucker said, “We were able to piece together a picture of Marty Martyn’s life, and we could compare it to Ryan’s statements. In most of our cases, people have tried to see if a deceased person could be identified whose life matched the statements the child had made. Here, there was only one guy that Ryan could have been talking about, because he had pointed to him in a picture. We weren’t trying to see if there was anyone whose life matched Ryan’s statements; we were looking to see if Marty Martyn’s did”.

For a more complete view of this case see this article by the researcher Dr James G Matlock. If you would like to explore your past lives then contact me for more information.

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