I won!

A few months ago I wrote to tell you that I had been nominated for a Global Health & Pharma Mental Health Award. Well, I am thrilled to tell you I won! I am the best UK Past Life Regression Specialist for 2023. A big thank you to all that help out at Paladin Hypnotherapy and to those who have supported me on my journey so far. I know there are bigger and even better things to come.

I was very surprised to win and it’s a great feeling to be recognised and rewarded. Now I don’t want to appear ungrateful but in themselves awards mean very little. Kevin Chamberlin (American actor) said, “Awards do not pay the mortgage”. While Pitbull (American rapper) said, “My kids can’t eat awards”. So the hard work continues.

The GHP Mental Health Awards are designed to showcase businesses and professionals who place our mental health and well-being at the centre of their work. Nominees typically work in psychology, psychiatry, nursing, social work or support mental health.

The GHP Mental Health Awards are hosted by Global Health & Pharma magazine, a publication devoted to the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. It has a global circulation of more than 110,000 and works to highlight the work of those that are setting the pace and looking to change their respective sectors for the better.

Winning this award has inspired me to write a comprehensive guide to Past Life Regression to help to spread the word about this tremendously powerful and beneficial technique. I hope to be able to publish it in the next few weeks.

Inevitably being a Hypnotherapist you often come into contact with clients who have some form of mental health challenge. Be it dealing with an addiction, anxiety, chronic pain, bereavement or more serious examples such as depression. Regression therapy and Past Life regression can often be the key that unlocks these conditions.

If you think Hypnotherapy or past life regression can help you improve your life then contact me.

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