Orlando Bloom 

Orlando Bloom is an English actor most famous for his role as Legolas in The Lord of the Rings and Hobbit film series, as well as Will Turner in the Pirates of the Caribbean films. Initially he was quite a sporty child until he was nine years old and had an accident. He told US chat show host Ellen DeGeneres: “I broke my leg when I was about nine skiing, so I had a cast from about nine to 10. For some reason it was a year in a cast. It was at a time when I used to be really sporty and stuff, so I just started eating chocolate and I got a big tummy. I got so tubby that I remember my mum took me to a doctor and said, ‘He just can’t stop eating chocolate’. The doctor used hypnosis to break his addiction to chocolate and restore a healthy lifestyle and after the cast came off he was able to slim down.

Aaron Eckhart 

Aaron Eckhart is an American actor best known for the role of George in the film Erin Brockovich and in Batman film The Dark Knight as District Attorney Harvey Dent / Two-Face. He has credited hypnosis with permanently changing his life style after he used it to give up smoking, drinking and partying.

He told the Guardian, in 2007, “’Well, I’ve changed my life for sure, there’s no doubt about it. I’ve quit drinking. I’ve quit smoking. And I don’t think I was the best person when I was drinking. I never thought I could give up smoking… Now I have a cup of coffee in the mornings I feel better, cleaner, and I think I’m a friendlier person. Drinking was a way to cover up some insecurities and I figured I didn’t need it any more. I didn’t use the hypnosis as therapy. It was pretty cut and dried. But I wouldn’t be afraid to do that if I needed to clear something up”.

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