Rapid Induction Technique

As I have written before, I am a member of a Growth Club specifically for Hypnotherapists run by Sheila Granger.  She is a practising hypnotherapist who is also dedicated to helping other hypnotherapists to develop themselves and their businesses.  I recently attended a Growth Club training day Arden Hotel, near the airport in Birmingham, UK.

A key part of the day was training in what’s called Rapid Induction Technique. When you think of hypnosis it’s probably this sort of technique you imagine. It’s often associated with stage hypnosis shows and this technique is shrouded in mystery and misconceptions. However, it’s no trick and has practical applications in clinical hypnotherapy.

The Rapid Induction Technique is a method used by hypnotherapists to induce a state of hypnosis quickly. Contrary to popular belief, this technique goes far beyond the realm of entertainment and has practical uses in therapy and personal development. This rapid induction method has proven effective in treating issues like anxiety, phobias, and even chronic pain.

It’s understandable that concerns may arise when associating the Rapid Induction Technique with stage hypnosis. Scepticism arises due to the perception that stage hypnosis is nothing more than an act, an illusion crafted solely for entertainment purposes. However, it is crucial to distinguish between stage hypnosis, which focuses on entertainment value, and clinical hypnotherapy, which aims to facilitate therapeutic change. The Rapid Induction Technique is used responsibly and ethically in therapeutic settings, guiding individuals toward positive transformation and personal growth.

While this technique has gained its popularity through stage hypnosis, it is important to recognise its legitimate applications in clinical hypnotherapy. By debunking the myth that it is merely ‘stage hypnosis nonsense’, we can appreciate the genuine value it holds for therapeutic purposes.

Suitably armed with our newly trained technique we hit the hotel bar and gate-crashed a baby shower to practise on willing members of the public. 

There are several different styles of hypnosis and they all have their place. As Keith Barry (Irish Hypnotist and Entertainer) said, “There’s a lot of different styles of hypnosis. There’s conversational hypnosis, which, even though we joke about it, politicians use conversational hypnosis. I’ve been hired back at home in Ireland by certain politicians to assist them in specific language patterns that will just tip people over into their, you know, into their zone”.

Whether you’re seeking relief from a specific issue or simply curious about the power of hypnosis, hypnotherapy offers an efficient and effective approach to explore the depths of your subconscious mind, paving the way for personal transformation and growth. Contact me to find out more.

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