Ode to World Poetry Day

On World Poetry Day, let us celebrate,

The hypnotic power of words that captivate,

And those who wield them with poise and grace,

To help us find peace in this chaotic place.


They guide us to a state of deep relaxation,

And free us from the grip of anxiety’s sensation,

With their voice that’s soothing and serene,

And their presence that’s gentle yet keen.


They unlock the doors of our subconscious mind,

And reveal the secrets that we have left behind,

With their skilful touch and their hypnotic gaze,

They help us heal from the wounds of bygone days.


They use their craft to create a better tomorrow,

And free us from pain, fear and sorrow,

Their power lies not in control or manipulation,

But in their ability to help us find our own liberation.


Hypnosis practitioners, they are the poets of the mind,

Crafting words that are healing, empowering and kind,

On World Poetry Day, let us honour their art,

And the magic they can bring to everyone’s heart.

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