Law of Divine Oneness

I wanted to talk about another of the twelve spiritual laws of the universe, namely the Law of Divine Oneness. It is an important and foundational law which states that absolutely everything in our universe is interconnected. In other words every action, choice, word, desire, and belief you have will also have an impact on the world, and on the people in your life.

Sometimes this impact will be immediate and obvious. At other times, it may be more subtle or take a while to manifest. In fact, you may never discover that it has occurred although it will have had an effect on you. Try to think of yourself as part of everything around you to live in accordance with this law. We are all one, and this awareness makes us more powerful as well as more empathetic.

The key points about this foundational law are, of course, Interconnectedness but also with view to personal growth and empathy through having this universal perspective.  

Interconnectedness.  The Law of Divine Oneness teaches us that every aspect of existence is part of a vast, interconnected web. Even if it might seem otherwise, nothing exists in isolation. One way to picture this is to imagine everything in the universe as threads woven into an immense tapestry. Each thread affecting touches many other and contributes to the whole fabric.

Impact on Perspective and Empathy.  When we understand that our thoughts, actions, and events ripple through the cosmos, we become more conscious of our impact on others and our world as a whole.

Personal Growth and Global Consciousness.  It invites us to consider how our choices resonate beyond ourselves. As we align with this universal truth, our global consciousness expands, fostering a sense of unity and shared responsibility. Embracing the Law of Divine Oneness can lead to profound personal growth.

And while this is a spiritual belief, there is also a scientific foundation to it. As Erwin Schrodinger (Austrian physicist who developed the fundamentals of quantum theory), of the cat fame, said, “Quantum physics thus reveals a basic oneness of the universe”.

So, in summary, the Law of Divine Oneness invites us to recognise our interconnectedness with all of existence. By honouring this principle, we will contribute to a more harmonious and compassionate world.

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