Creativity – the Power of Sleep

I have been doing some work recently with a client to help them boost their creativity and I thought I would share some of my thoughts and experience. I have also written recently about the different types of brainwaves and how they reflect what the brain is doing and the great Thomas Edison who used sleep and other techniques to sustain his amazing pace of invention.

We all have had situations where you are trying to solve a problem or remember something and we just can’t do. So, we stop thinking about it and do something else and the answer comes to us. Be it driving on the motorway, showering or brushing our teeth anytime you are doing something you don’t have to think too deeply about your theta brainwaves rise and your subconscious is engages. And then, Eureka! That’s your subconscious working on the problem and serving up the answer.

And letting your subconscious work on a problem is a very powerful way to come up with new ideas and solve problems.  Albert Einstein (German born Theoretical Physicist) clearly knew about this as he said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”.

Another time when we can unleash this creative power is when we are half asleep, either when waking or falling asleep. I recently wrote about Thomas Edison and how he used sleep. So, mentally run through the day’s challenges first thing in the morning while you are still in this state or last thing at night as you start to fall asleep. This sets the agenda for your subconscious and can bring incredible results.

If you have a specific problem then just as you become conscious in the morning, but while your eyes are closed and your brain’s still dreamy, think of the issue. Don’t try to force your thoughts but do remain focused and relaxed. You might get a few useful ideas or perhaps a flash of inspiration. These ideas can come in a rush and are usually free of internal censorship. You might need your conscious mind to polish them up a little.

A word of advice, these ideas and inspirations, because they are born of theta waves can be short lived and fleeting. So, have a notepad by your bed or quickly grab your phone and take notes or make a voice recording.

It is possible to have periods of theta wave activity and creativity during the waking hours. This can be when your mind is not activate, perhaps while watching TV or exercising. These periods typically last up to 15 minutes before the conscious mind checks in for a bit. This can be an extremely productive time and can be a period of meaningful and creative mental activity.

So, in summary, eat, sleep, solve problems and repeat.  If you are struggling with a lack of creativity or sleep then hypnotherapy can help. Contact me for more details.

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