Spiritual Literacy Month

December is Spiritual Literacy Month. This special month was the idea of Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, who have written several books on the idea of spirituality and the soul. It’s observed every year in December and it encourages those of us who are interested in spiritualism to expand our knowledge. It’s an opportunity to open our minds and at the same time deepen our faith and knowledge of spirituality, faith and religion.

Championing the course of educating and encouraging people to embrace their spirituality has always been important to me. Before the popularity of organised religion, there were many diverse ways that people devised to communicate with the source or their maker. And each of these may appeal to you or have some value for you.

The Indian actress and model, Tanushree Dutta, had an interesting issue with exploring spiritualism. She said, “I was always inclined towards spiritualism but was afraid that I would become a sanyasin [some who forsake all materialism] if I pursued it actively”. But this is not really a problem as you are not compelled to do anything you don’t want to. Even if you aren’t a very spiritual person, you can start a journey to connect to something bigger than yourself, and to learn more about why people believe what they do.

So why not do something to celebrate spiritual literacy month. Spiritual literacy can include many things. It can include meditation, contemplations and resolutions. All of which can transform the life of a person. Perhaps read a book about spiritualism or research an aspect that interests you. And remember spiritualism is not a religion.

I find reading about spiritualism to be quite uplifting and rejuvenating. Also, learning more about other people’s spiritual perspectives and ideals gives you a broader perspective.

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