Suzanne Christine Crowshaw known as Suzanne Shaw, is an English Actress, Singer and Television personality. She won the show Popstars (a reality music talent show broadcast on ITV in the UK in early 2001) and went on to be a member of the pop band Hear’Say.

In 2005 Suzanne took part in the UK ITV series ‘Have I Been Here Before?’ hosted by Phillip Schofield. In this series celebrities had the chance to be regressed to a past life by Hypnotherapist Andrea Foulkes. Their past life experiences are then investigated by Jules Hudson, a historian and archaeologist, to see if these accounts can be verified.

In the lead up to the session Suzanne said, “I’m really intrigued to find out who I was in a past life. Really excited to find out. And to see if I know anybody now, anybody in this life, if they were soul mates in a past life”.

Suzanne experience a life as a woman called Elizabeth who travelled with her famous sister Valarie who sings and performs under the stage name Miss Clarence in the early 1900s.

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Later on, she marries their driver, John, and settles down in Canada. She had a daughter who she raises as a housewife while John works as a Photographer for a Canadian newspaper. They enjoy listening and dancing to rock and roll music on the wireless.

In later life her daughter, now aged 20 has a baby boy called Charlie. Her daughter leaves and the baby Charlie stays with them. Finally on her death bed in hospital she is comforted by her grandson, Charlie.

Immediately after the session she said, “When I woke up here, it was like I had been there but it actually had happened to me. I could see what was happening and hear the noises around me, see the people around me”.

She also said, “I most certainly recognised my daughter’s son as Cory. It was very obvious to me that that was Cory”. Suzanne had given birth to her first child, a boy named Corey MacKenzie Shaw-Day, in December 2004.

Jules Hudson investigated Suzanne’s account and confirms that many of the details seem reasonable. Indeed, he is able to find a press agency called the Canadian Press. However, during the regression Suzanne said she was from “South American”, which seems odd given their name and that she was able to immigrate to Canada. But it more likely she meant the south of the USA. If so, this would suggest that Miss Clarence was a Vaudeville (American music hall like variety entertainment) singer.  

When reflecting on the regression she contrasted the two lives and said, “It’s funny because having this life now and I have the fame and not the stable relationship. That life I had the stable relationship and not the fame. But there I felt very safe and comfortable and protected whereas I don’t so much feel like this in this life”.

When asked if the regression experience had help her in anyway, she said, “What it did do is help me realise what is important in life. And because I felt such warmth and happiness from this relationship, that felt more important than the warmth and happiness I get on stage”.