Phillip Bryan Schofield is an English television presenter who works predominantly for the UK ITV TV channel. He is best known as the co-presenter of ITV’s This Morning – a daytime magazine programme. He has presented two TV series related to Hypnosis – ‘You’re Back in the Room’ and ‘Have I Been Here Before?’.

You’re Back in the Room (2015 and 2016) is a British television game show. The idea is for contestants to complete a series of normally straightforward tasks after being subject to hypnosis causing them to be distracted by various mannerisms, tics or quirks.

‘Have I Been Here Before?’ (2005 and 2007) offers celebrity guests the chance to be regressed to a past life by Hypnotherapist Andrea Foulkes. This often reveals detailed and interesting experiences. These are then investigated by Jules Hudson, a qualified historian and archaeologist, to see if these accounts can very verified and supported.

While working on the This Morning show in 2004, as part of a Paranormal Week, Phillip (and his co-presenter Fern) had a past life regression session. During the session he experienced the discovery of his murdered family in the eighteenth century and soon after his own death over an unpaid debt.

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In a 2020 interview with the Mirror (UK Newspaper) to promote his autobiography ‘Life’s What You Make It’, he talked more about this experience, “I opened the door to silence and felt horror wash over me. Three steps in, and I saw them – two murdered bodies on the floor. I knew they were my wife and small child. Horror turned to fury. I knew why they were dead. I owed money to two brothers who worked at the end of the street in a saw mill.”

Filled with rage, Phillip recalls running to the saw mill and attacking one of the brothers with a large piece of wood. The other brother came to his sibling’s aid and Phillip says he fled and hid in a church. He continued, “The brother found me, dragged me outside, punched me to the ground and, as my head hit the mud, he repeatedly stamped on it until I was dead”.

Sometime past lives can have unpleasant elements. But when experiencing an upsetting or distressing event during a past life the Hypnotherapist will help you navigate it and allow you to bypass it or watch it rather than relive it.

When speaking about his experience he said, “It was so simple, but very raw and incredible emotion”. And he believes this past life has impacted Phillip life today. As it has resulted in Phillip always been very careful not to incur debt and pays bills promptly in this life.