Nicola Wheeler is an English Actress best known for playing the role of Nicola King (also Blackstock and De Souza) in ITV’s Emmerdale Soap Opera.  

In 2005 Nicola took part in the UK ITV series ‘Have I Been Here Before?’ hosted by Phillip Schofield. In this series celebrities had the chance to be regressed to a past life by Hypnotherapist Andrea Foulkes. Their past life experiences are then investigated by Jules Hudson, a historian and archaeologist, to see if these accounts can be verified.

Speaking before the regression she said, “I go through phases you know. In my past I have been quite spiritual. At the moment I am going through my pragmatic phase, where I am not and am quite practical. But I am open to believing something”. She also said, “I’m quite nervous about if, you know, if I go back to a past life and you weren’t a nice person in the past”.

Nicola is regressed back to the life of Marcus Peterson, an English soldier in 1804, then aged 24. He is from Durham (20 Cookridge Road) and had deserted from the army after he shot his friend Jonathan by accident. When pressed about this accident he reveals that he got angry and shot his friend when he was told his friend would be marrying a woman called Marie. Marie was Jonathan’s girlfriend, but Marcus also likes her. He thought Jonathan didn’t really love her.

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Later Marcus is in prison for desertion, but not for Jonathan’s death. But later it seems that Marie knew Marcus killed Jonathan and told the authorities. He sees himself being hung for murder. There is a crowd and Marie is there. He feels humiliate and he hates them all. As his soul leaves his body he sees that Marie is smiling.

Speaking immediately after the session she said, “It will be interesting to know the history now and look back at these characters to whether these people actually existed”.

When Jules Hudson looked into the facts much of it made sense with what we know today. Most of the English army in 1804 were in England, waiting to repel a threatened invasion from Napoleon. Also, the uniform was accurately described. When he looked into the address he was not able to find it but until around the 1840s, most houses and buildings were not numbered. However, there was an area of Durham called Cookridge.

Now, Jules ran into some problems with the account as he couldn’t find the regiment and the description of the execution didn’t follow a military one. If it was a military execution there would not have been a crowd and Marie would not have been there. However, if the man who was shot, Jonathan, was not in the army then the execution would have been a civilian matter and the description fits that much better.

Speaking about the regression Nicola said, “… there are so many facts that ring true but then because I am very cynical I then look to the ones that didn’t. Such as the name of the street, you know, and the regiment number”.

Speaking about her not wanting to be anyone bad in a previous life she said, “I know. It was one of my biggest fears was being a murderer. But now that I have been, it kind of, because it’s not your life, it didn’t feel bad”.

When asked if it had been a therapeutic experience she said, “Yeah, I did. Funnily enough, from the deep relaxation, when I started the session, I had tennis elbow from an injury with my dog pulling on the lead. And that evening, when I was out for dinner I realised that it had gone”.

When asked if she believed she had been here before she said, “I’m still undecided but probably erring slightly towards yes than I was when I originally started”.