Linda Frances Elide Lusardi is an English actress, Television presenter and former glamour model. She is also the patron of two charities, the Willow Foundation and the Rhys Daniels Trust.

In 2005 Linda took part in the UK ITV series ‘Have I Been Here Before?’ hosted by Phillip Schofield. In this series celebrities had the chance to be regressed to a past life by Hypnotherapist Andrea Foulkes. Their past life experiences are then investigated by Jules Hudson, a historian and archaeologist, to see if these accounts can be verified.

Speaking before the regression she said, “I find it very difficult to believe, because I am very logically minded, that we have ever been here before”. However, she goes on to say, “I am quite open to spirituality. I am open to many things in life and I would love there to be a future life to go on to”. When talking about what she hoped to get out of the session, she said, “From today, I hope that Andrea can make me a little bit more positive about myself”.

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When regressed she saw a life as a little girl called Mary aged ten. She lives with her father and brother, Robert who is 12, in a simple wooden and straw house. Her mother having died when she was four years old. They have a simple diet of soup and stew. She recounts an accident when her arm was trapped and she hurt her elbow. Her bother frees her and takes her home.

Later she is 30 and has two baby boys. The year is 1346. She is married to Joe, who is lovely. She says she is often cold and hates the cold. She also mentions that she has lost four babies. Later still, she is 32 and Joe and her children have died, likely from bubonic plague, and she has black boils under her arms and on her legs. Shortly after she dies also, which she says is nice.

Speaking immediately after the regression she said, “I do not understand it at all… That was just the weirdest thing, I feel absolutely drained. But kind of cleansed at the same time. It was quite bleak and cold and I as a person now absolutely hate being cold”.

When Jules Hudson looked into the facts the clothes, diet and life were accurate for a peasant girl at the time. The description of the house also it right and is a wattle and daub house. Wattle, interwoven sticks or wood, are covered with daub – sticky material made with mud, clay and straw. The account of Mary’s adult life is accurate too as child mortality rates were high.

Mary’s death is a good description of swollen lymph nodes that occur with the Black Death (also known as the Great Mortality or simply, the Plague). It was a bubonic plague pandemic occurring in Africa, Europe and Asia from 1346 to 1353. It is the most fatal pandemic recorded in human history, causing the death of an estimated 75 to 200 million people. It peaked in Europe between 1347 and 1351.

Talking about the regression she said, “I was living that person’s life and going through the emotions… You are actually there. And you are actually feeling and living that life”. She also explained how the arm Mary had injured had become pale during the regression in this life.

Talking about the loss of so many children in her past life she said, “I remember feeling after and you know going home and grabbing onto my kids and thinking, I can’t imagine to have lost four babies. And you think, well in those times they probably didn’t care as much, but of course they did, its’s still their offspring”.

When asked if she then believed in past lives she said, “I personally don’t think so. I think it’s either memory passed down by generation after generation or it’s just a vivid imagination with lots of facts that you’ve read, but don’t remember you’ve read”.