Jennifer (Jennie) Bond is an English Journalist and Presenter. She worked for fourteen years as the BBC’s royal correspondent from 1989 to 2003. This proved to be a tumultuous time for the royal family with royal marriages and divorces as well as the deaths of the Queen Mother, Princess Margaret and Diana, Princess of Wales.

In 2005 Jennie took part in the UK ITV series ‘Have I Been Here Before?’ hosted by Phillip Schofield. In this series celebrities had the chance to be regressed to a past life by Hypnotherapist Andrea Foulkes. Their past life experiences are then investigated by Jules Hudson, a historian and archaeologist, to see if these accounts can be verified.

When approaching the show she said, “It’s fascinating. I am fascinated by the idea of having lived before and spiritual matters… I am looking forward to it. It’s something totally different”.

During the session Jennie explored a life as a poor young woman called Emilia Hatcher in the 1713. She mentions the word ‘Ryecroft’ perhaps as the location of her home. She is regressed further back to a time as a young girl and she describes a chaotic time in a city, maybe London. There was a flood and her three year old brother, Simien, was drowned. Something she felt guilty about as she could not hold onto him.

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Later, as a young woman, she is imprisoned for stealing food and spends five years in jail. While in there she gives birth to her son, Charlie. His father seems to have been one of the guards. Once released she goes on a journey by ship to a new life in a new city. She sees herself in an inner city park with daffodils and greenery. She is with her now six year old son.Speaking immediately afterwards she said, “I feel that I am a very rational, logical, strong minded person who, not through any particular scepticism, resists this kind of hypnotherapy.  But there were parts of it that were, sort of an out of body experience and quite real”.

When Jules Hudson investigated the experiences and was able to confirm that the life described was common for the poor of the time, especially in London. Having to steal food was common. It is likely that she was imprisoned in the Bridewell House of Correction near Fleet Street. Life in prison was hard and often violent and prisoner births were not unusual. One detail that was able to be verified was that there was a flood, likely caused by the melting of deep snowfall, in London in 1709. This is when Jennie believes her little brother drowned in a flood.

When asked about the session she said, “It’s spooky. Yeah, it is odd. The whole thing is very surprising”. Later she said, “I was very surprised, I wouldn’t normally on television say that I had been raped, you know… That’s not the sort of thing I would willingly have made up”.

When talking about her drowned brother, she said, “A feeling that I had definitely done something very wrong, not criminally wrong, but let down my family… I should have looked after this person and do remember that feeling of great guilt”.

She went on to say, “There will always be a part of me that will be totally sceptically about it… But I am surprised you found anything that was accurate. And I would like to do it again really”. She goes on to say, “There could well be something in this. I don’t see where all this would be coming to.”