Fern Britton is an English Television Presenter and Author. She co-presented the BBC’s Breakfast Time in the 1980s and Ready Steady Cook between in the 1990s. She also co presented ITV’s This Morning programme from 1999 to 2009. Since 2010, she has published a number of novels and books of short stories and non-fiction.

While working on the This Morning show in 2004 Fern had a past life regression session. During the session she experienced the life of a man called Ralph Lindon who had moved to the city of Durham in the north of England. Initially he is interested in training as a priest so he travels to the city and approaches Durham cathedral to find out more. However, the priest there is reluctant and asks him to think about and so he goes to a nearby pub to think it over and decides against it. The year1752 occurred to Fern throughout the regression.

Later he sees himself dress in a tricorn hat and lace ruff (collar) even though it’s not the common dress of the day. She thinks he might have been some dignitary or perhaps the Mayor. Ralph makes his home in Durham and even though he is in his 40s marries a young wife and they have a son called John. Sadly, John dies when just a few years old and is buried in the cathedral cemetery. Despite this the overall feeling from her regression was one of happiness and contentment.

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Speaking about the session she said, “That was a very strange one because it was actually quite a… Although it was upsetting about this little boy who died, that man Ralph Lindon felt that he had had such a lovely life and was well loved.”

She went on to say, “When he went to the pub to make this decision, he met all these strangers there who welcomed him… Every looked after him and he decided to settle there and help financially or if they had problems and things. And then married this lovely young wife and they were very happy together”.

After the regression Fern confesses that she felt that his wife in the regression is the same person as she is married to in this life – Phil Vickery. This is an example of soul groups or families that often reincarnate together and play multiple roles across multiple lives for each other.

The show asked the Durham County Archivist to check the records and found a Ralph Linton (surnames were not always accurately recorded at the time) who in 1738 married an Elizabeth in Durham city. The couple had a son called John in 1744. Another fact that was confirmed from Fern’s regression was that this Ralph’s father was also called Ralph.

To help illustrate what she had seen Fern draws a picture of the cathedral she saw and the grave of the young boy, John.

Speaking about her experience on the show Fern said, “I didn’t believe… But when all that archivist stuff came up, I was surprisingly unsurprised”.