Brian Blessed is an English TV and film actor, presenter and mountaineer best known for his portrayal of Prince Vultan in Flash Gordon as well as roles in Blackadder, Z Cars and Star Wars the Phantom Menace.

In 2017 he spoke with Cole Moreton from Event Magazine about him having met his reincarnated brother. Although he is not a Buddhist, he has said that he does not believe in the existence of death. He is also friends with the Dalai Lama, the Tibetan Buddhist leader.

His brother, Alan Blessed, died from leukaemia in 1996. While he was ill Brian was filming the TV movie Galahad of Everest and met with his friend, the Dalai Lama. During this time the Dalai Lama said to him about his brother, “When he dies you will see him again as a little boy in Halifax, Novia Scotia. He loves fishing. He will become a fisherman.”

Ten years later, in 2006, he found himself in Halifax, Novia Scotia in Canada filming The Conclave (a Canadian-German drama about the 1458 selection of a new Pope). While there he saw a young boy looked very much looked like his brother. He said, “My brother had been dead for five years. And there he was, with a Canadian accent, looking exactly as he had looked when he was a little boy in Yorkshire”. He went on to say, “The boy’s father was a fisherman. I was very excited.”

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He spoke with the boy and his father and he did think about revealing that he believed the child was his brother. But he decided against it. He said, “I couldn’t say, ‘You’re my brother.’ One felt one couldn’t say that. But the boy liked me immensely. That was a comfort to me. Yeah. No one dies.”